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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Usually FBlit uses graphical objects in FastMem and the blitter is restricted to ChipMem. You have to make a global decision where you want to store your images. Using FBlit has no advantages if your images are located in ChipMem. And FBlit can not split a call like BltBitMapRastport() into two parts. How should that go? Or should it play "one (call) for me, one for you"?
I don't know how FBlit works in detail, but of course you need to store your data in both fast and chip ram, if blitter and CPU operates on same objects. Mainly thought about fonts, icons and some window rendering which can have copies in both chip and fast ram of same data, and is static data. If there is a lot of dynamic data that changes whole time, it can become a performance problem to update them both into chip and fast.
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