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Originally Posted by lewren View Post
When starting I get the following error message:
Did not find required kickstart ROM for graphics_card_rom. Wanted one of these files: ['cafafb916f16b9f3ec9b49aa4b40eb4eeceb5b5b'] No changes to ROMs have been made.
I believe this should work fine. Perhaps you just need to run a file database update? (The file database was reset in a recent dev version).

Originally Posted by lubomyr View Post
Any success with ARM JIT implementation ?
Latest ARM JIT modification from TomB ensured perfect amiga compatibility (unlike original aranym sources)
I'm not currently looking into FS-UAE/UAE on ARM. The ARM JIT from ARAnyM probably partially works, but there's some JIT code which is unique for FS-UAE/WinUAE (not in ARAnyM), and would need to be adapted for ARM.

Originally Posted by TEOL View Post
other than sometimes there is still a spooling disk sound when the game is on which most of the games on the real AMIGA stops the spooling when the actual content has started
As you say, *most* of the games on the real Amiga stops spinning the disk. These games work the same in FS-UAE...

Originally Posted by TEOL View Post
I have noticed a few graphics corruptions in this 64-Bit version when it comes to the A500+ like glitched multicoloured lines going down the screen whilst playing some 1991 Pure ECS coverdisks on it but the normal A500 worked just fine during those same games in 1MB
I'm not sure what the bug report here is... anyway, if you think there is a bug, please file a specific and detailed bug report (for a specific game and config). You should wait until the next dev release in any case, as there is a known chipset-related bug in the current dev version.

Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
Full sync does not work anymore on my system. Perhaps this is related to those changes. (worked around with assume_refresh_rate=50 for now) Log with minimum config attached.
Could be related to a change where I try to find the correct refresh rate for the monitor is displayed on. I'll run some additional testing here.

Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
Have you made a decision? I'm about to rewrite RefreshRateTool._screens_xrandr() (parse the output of xrandr verbose mode)
I'll keep the xrandr parser for now, as long as it works. I did tweak/fix it so it should work with the xrandr output you posted, but I forgot to push the change to github (done now).
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