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Hmmm, I have the first releases of both 3.5 and 3.9 and they both work on UAE, there are no CDTV or CD³² versions of 3.9 as the hardware of both is below the reccommended specs... 3.5 might just work on a CD³² as long as you have 4Mb of ram and a harddrive connected to it...

I suspect you have one of the copies that are floating around the net, but whoever ripped the original cd left out some important files (No I'm not going to tell you which ones) that stop it working, or they installed the bare minimum on a basic 1200, archived the workbench partition and uploaded that which again left lots of files out, eg, no locale, ppc, 040, 060, internet support etc...

The zone is a temporary storage area used for sending files to other members...
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