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Bug in x64 file requester and bug in Blizzard PPC ROM filesize

Two bugs I've come across:

1. Opening a file requester with the x64 version of WinUAE causes it to crash. For example, the file requester to attach a adf image or select a hard drive directory.

2. The ROM lookup for the Blizzard PPC preset, selecting the A1200 with one in the quick-start, says "512k" ROM. The actual ROM is 256K, and while that preset is selected as the default every launch of WinUAE will complain about the "missing" ROM.

Thank you Toni, has anybody told you today that you rock? Because you do.

Edit: WinUAE 3.3.0 for both bugs.

Edit2: Not WinUAE bugs, problem exists between keyboard and chair.

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