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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
hehehe sorry I didn't mean to sound rude, I know this is a labour of love for you.. I just don't see the point at those FPS's...

Still you might get some magic going and get it running 12fps+
It all relies on perspective, as usual 3.x FPS at large size means you are going to average double than that in medium, and that itself is not only way smoother but also looks a lot nicer than similar early 90's commercial attempts as Legends Of Valour perform in my machine with the same acceleration, which is more than OK for a RPG stye game. It's the same performance you would expect for a 386 era PC, which is fairly reasonable if targetting 68030 Amigas.

Anyway I see there is a topic for QoN at the game factory sub-forum, so I'm surely repeating topics here! ^_^'

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