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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post

2) If you you are in need of a game with the same trial and error gameplay as Another World/Rick Dangerous, with ridiculous difficulty, try I wanna be the guy
NOBODY needs that type of game! lol They're the one's that separate the sane from the insane, methinks. The sane give up after an hour, never to go back, while the insane (players like me) become obsessive and spend hours and hours repeatedly trying to get past some devious obstacle whilest knowing, all the time, that the entire endeavor is meaningless! (Great emoticons, those!)

Rick Dangerous! I had the demo and played it to death. The error detection was so bad, even the touch of a native's hair would send you wailing off the screen!

I actually watched that entire film of Lemm (?) completing the game with one life. How many hours must he have spent learning how to do that?

Which reminds me... slightly off topic but I once saw a guy in an arcade who'd worn the skin of his hand down to a grotesque wound, scabby but also weeping and bloody, playing Streetfighter. He seemed to think he was cool for it! Hardcore? Call the men in white coats!
I myself used to play Konami's Salamander like I was getting paid for it. Man that game rocked. Anyone remember it?

I just followed up some more of that list and found some of it absolutely hilarious! I'm big into films and TV (maybe gamers usually are) and some of those just killed me! 'A Wizard Did It' was a special one for me.

As for the Demonic Spiders, I must've been playing all the wrong games (or should that be all the right games?); I just never got any of them (or the bats). No, I've not played Castlevania! Have I never lived?

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