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Bruce Lee is to be found on Aminet.
I had no idea. What a tragedy that it is AGA-only.

Boulderdash is on the Amiga (Aminet "Boulderdäsh"). So is LodeRunner and Berzerk ("MineRunner" and "Zerberk") but with slightly different graphics and sound. There's Defender, Summer Games, California Games, One on One, SpaceInvaders and Leaderboard. There's a perfect conversion of Impossible Mission in "Impossible Mission 2024". And there's Zork and the Infocom text adventures, of course.

For C64 games with radically different graphics, there's Phoenix ("MegaPhoenix"), Galaga ("Deluxe Galaga"), SpyHunter ("Major Motion"), Ballblazer/Ballblaster ("MegaBlazer") and a vaguely Robotron game called "Llamatron". Then there's International Karate ("IK+"), Qbert ("QBic") and Time Pilot ("Space Pilot"). I suppose "F17 Challenge" can be considered an updated Pole Position and "Apocalypse" is an updated Choplifter.

There are also some good arcade conversions (that may have also been on C64): Pacmania, Tempest ("Vektor Storm"), Asteroids ("Asteriods"), Missile Command. There's also Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back (were they on the C64?). There's a perfect Pong too.

I'm sure I've missed quite a few, but these are the ones I was interested in.

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