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Another update by Toni on the mailing list.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
m68k-amiga AROS port now boots AROS original startup-sequence without
any weird side-effects (no insert disk requesters or boot shell not
closing etc)
Most utilities run and most preferences programs at least open.

some random notes:

- prefs/screenmode shows random (uninitialized variable?) values in
width, height and depth string gadgets. (and system crashes when
selecting any mode, I will debug this later)
GUI issue is too high level stuff for my debugging tastes. (I also
have personal issues with MUI)

- WB "Information" menu does not open, TextEditor.mcc does not init.
(MUI again, argh)

- WB doubleclick detection is very unreliable.

- compiler/alib/timedelay.c and compiler/include/clib/alib_protos.h
does not match. I tried adding AROS_UFP3 () macro to alib_protos.h but
then intuition/menutask_aros.c refuses to compile. (nothing too
serious, currently it only makes all TimeDelay calls to fail due to
UnitNum being some large number)

And finally, WB1.3 startup-sequence runs quite nicely now. Remaining
problems: FastFonts (ff) corrupts all fonts and system/setmap expects
LONG return type from OpenDevice().
(Is it ok to change OpenDevice()/WaitIO()/DoIO() return type to LONG?
it should have no effect to existing programs)

I think now most problems "only" require lots and lots of time for
Of course also need to find some kind of tiny WB replacement and
rewriting chipset HIDD for KS replacement purposes. (and IDE driver
and and..)
and a screenshot provided by deadwood

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