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I do love reading the comments on "Indie Retro News" for these...

A great one from "RealAmigaFan".

RealAmigaFan • a day ago

Exactly what does the "LHA file for real Amiga owners" offer over the hard drive version released by crackers back in 1997? Over the hard drive version that's automated by simply using the HD installer contained on the game CD?? None of the Amiga CD games released from the mid-90s onwards have any copy protection, so there's no cracking needed to HD install the games. At the time of release, crackers released hard drive versions of all the Amiga CD games so that people without a CDROM drive could play the games from HD. You make it sound like the Amiga was total crap coz people were shit out of luck if they didn't have a CDROM drive to play CD games released back then. Good lord! <sigh>
Not that I need to defend myself but...

Didn't realise there was already a "20 disk [HD, CD rip]" in TOSEC. It's not like I check all the time, I'm just adding games to my WinUAE collection that I don't already have and sharing with everyone afterwards... I have a bunch of "AmigaCD" ISOs so...

The hard drive version isn't just "automated by simply using the HD installer contained on the game CD". If this guy actually checked the CD-ROM he would see that:

a) firstly that the installer says the following:

b) and only these files are copied to hard drive (after you've selected language / savedir options):

... BigRedAdventureOpts --> ENV:
... BigRedAdventureOpts --> ENVARC:

Anyway, I installed the floppy disk "HD, CD rips" tonight. Takes significantly longer to do than extract my .LHA file. This is due to it having to:

a) join all files to a temp location.
b) then extract.
c) then delete the single / joined files.

You also need double the space for this operation and have to run the installer again if you decide to change languages. Pffft
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