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Online game lobby

(Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere. If so, just merge the topics...)

First of all, FS-UAE is simply fantastic. The launcher is great and together with oagd just so easy to use.

What's missing?
A lobby in the launcher for online games where you can see who is online (registered accounts on oagd), hosting any game.

Functions in lobby:
- Host any (2-player-)game of your collection
- Sort currently hosted games by: name (and game version, adf/whd etc), genre, player name (host)
- Join an open game by a single click, hoster needs to accept join-request by single click. (Alert messages if any game file or kickrom is missing!).
- Online game mode: P2P (lobby is synchronized by a server, but actual game will be in p2p mode, server is giving host IP to joiner!) or Server!
- Abandon all keyboard commands (like #, &...), set everything up for 'click&play'!

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