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Originally Posted by KronusOfChaos View Post
So Hyperion has the rights to AmigaOS 3.x and 4.x. I now remember seeing a release of WB recently from them or at least an update. I read the following from a Wiki.
Hyperion may have limited rights based on their contract with Amiga Inc. and the settlement which was made from a lawsuit. I say "may" because there are questionable and non-public transfers of ownership of various intellectual property (IP) through several transactions. Amiga Inc's credibility is near zero with what appears to be past fraudulent activities. Any improper or illegal transfers of IP along the chain of transfers means the ones later in the chain are invalid. The current Amiga Inc. would have been the 5th company (by my count) after C= for any rights to have been transferred and the IP appears to have been divided several times.

Originally Posted by KronusOfChaos View Post
On 30 September 2009, Hyperion Entertainment and Amiga, Inc. reached settlement agreement where Hyperion was granted, "an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to AmigaOS 3.1 in order to use, develop, modify, commercialize, distribute and market AmigaOS 4.x.

Does the above mean they have the rights to OS 3.x to develop and give others those same rights if they choose?
From what is stated, I would say no but I am not a lawyer.
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