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Well... people should know better than to believe that a write protected disk can destroy itself or can be deleted without a modified disk drive
Probably the guy meant if the game detects it's a copy [read: if it does, which requires a fairly good protection usually not possible without professional mastering equipment] it tries to format the disk kill its bootblock or some crap like that. Regardless you find that routine and remove it, so who cares...
I don't even dare to think what if the guy honestly thought about some mystical way of detecting a disk being read and then destorying it write protected... perhaps that game is just fine being lost forever, sounds like a 6 years old creating his first "hello world" application and inventing his dream what else that program would do someday when he grows up
j/k, hopefully his words were just misunderstood a bit...
Anyway you can contact Galahad, if he received the disk it's surely not lost forever.

Regardless imaging the disk with whdl or caps tools would have been the right choice not sending the only copy over the post.
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