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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
PFS3 will get around the 4GB limit, although it is common to have the first (generally your system/Workbench) partition reside within the 4GB limit regardless just to be on the safe side. Installing the new file system (PFS3) is part of the initial process of setting up the partitions, you can't really do it afterwards.
Yeah, the PFS3 install is beyond my knowledge level so I just threw in the towel and bought a pre-formatted 4GB CF-kit from Amiga Kit (with Personal Paint pre-installed!). So I should be able to just install the IDE-CD reader into the A1200, then install Workbench from the already installed Gotek with the seller-supplied USB-thumbdrive (which has 3.1 already installed). Once I figure out what's going on, I can partition/format my 8GB DOM at some later date and swap it out with the IDE-CF reader.
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