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Yes, you would use UAE to run the Workbench installer from the floppy images in order to set up the hard drive. Copying the ADF files themselves to the hard drive would not yield a booting system. ADF files are to floppies what ISO files are to CDROMs; just having one lying around does nothing at all. Of course in addition to Workbench you can install all the other programs too, while at it.

PFS3 will get around the 4GB limit, although it is common to have the first (generally your system/Workbench) partition reside within the 4GB limit regardless just to be on the safe side. Installing the new file system (PFS3) is part of the initial process of setting up the partitions, you can't really do it afterwards.

There are lots and lots of tutorials around this subject - some more detailed than others - I suggest simply going through some of them once you have all the required bits. If something goes wrong, you can always start again
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