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John Dough
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Trapped II - doesn't start

I searched the forum, but didn't find anything about my problem.

I try to play Trapped II from cd and use winuae with OS3.9 .
When I doubleclick "trappedstart" a requester pops up with info to
select the savepath in the next requester.

Once I click on continue,
I get a requester that says "Bus Error"

When I click one of the OKAY! buttons I finally get a programm error
message from prefs.exe and buttons to reboot now or later.

I know this is in german, but you guys know these kinda requesters for sure ;-) And that's it. Nothing happens afterwards.
So I'm kinda stuck

Could this be a problem of WinUAE? I can't test this on a real Amiga anymore, but I can remember it worked back in the days...

My WinUAE 2.7 config is as follows:
A1200 3.1 kickstart rom
JIT 040
2 MB Chip Ram
8 MB Fast
128MB Z3 RAM
RTG Graphicscard "UAE Zorro III" with 16MB Ram

As said above I'm using OS3.9 fresh install with P96 and no other adds.

Hope anyone can help...
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