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Here's now an explanation for how to participate in the UBER CHALLENGE (added this to the first post):

Should you manage to win all three matches (on all course-types) 6:0 6:0 6:0 to get a perfect score of 183 points you are eligible to try the UBER CHALLENGE.


Defeat 2 CPU-controlled male opponents as 1 average female on the hard court with a perfect 6:0 6:0 6:0 to get 1 bonus point and thus the maximum possible total score of 184 points.

To try this challenge go to the preferences and

1. Select hard court, 1 vs 2-playmode and best of five sets:

2. Now set both Player 1 AND Player 2 to CPU and male gender!

3. In order to play alone against two CPU opponents you have to be Player 3. Select Average skill level and female gender:

4. Exit and hit the court.
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