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Besides these questions here:

I have a few more questions, even tho the previous ones are still unanswered.

1. Is there anyway to get the GoTek to NOT show the "System Volume Information" folder? Yes, it's a windows hidden folder but it still shows up on the GoTek display.

2. When using the rotary to browse ADF files, if I take too long (just about a second or two) then the adf I'm looking at loads. Even if I eject it, the same behaviour happens if I pause too long on the next ADF. Would be nice if an ADF did not load at all unless the select button is pushed or if the time could be increased. If it's the only adf in the root upon power on (to boot to adf) would be an exception. Happens with the dir up (..) as well. I'll be browsing a directory and before I know it I'm looking at .. and then I'm up a directory level before I can dial away from it.

Are these things that can be adjust with a config file? (going back to my original list of questions and my concerns about my current setup).
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