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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
if I connect to an Amiga an external Gotek unit as DF1 (with an appropriate cable and box), will I be able to use a Cyclone-like dongle and make an analog copy of protected original disks (with long tracks etc.)?
From DF0 (real floppy drive) to DF1 (Gotek, raw/extended adf).
That won't work with any of the current gotek firmwares. The data would have to be stored in some kind of raw format, but that isn't implemented.

It would probably be best to have some kind of special bus sniffing mode in the gotek, combined with some special software on the Amiga to run the drive. Then again, it could be possible to make an image reading firmware for the gotek and connect the drives together directly, forgoing a host computer..
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