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OK, I have some questions because I think I am short changing myself on some features.

First I'm running flashfloppy v0.8.1a which I flashed over the Cortex.
Installed the OLED and the Rotary Push Button mods.

It works fine, I can traverse directories, load, eject, etc...

AFAI can tell, I'm running the config-less setup. That is to say I do not have anything but directories and ADFs on my USB drive.

But seeing chatter about configuration files to alter the display timeout among other things has me wondering if I am not taking full advantage of my GoTek drive.

Given my setup, what do I need to do to take better advantage of its capabilities?
Am I restricting myself with a config-less setup?

Can I have anything else given the mods that are in place and the fact that I went from Cortex to flashfloppy without any HxC involved?

I've read about some HxC config files and such that can be used, are they compatible with my setup? I mean, I don't need to load ADF files into "slots" like I did with cortex and I see no reason to ever have to do that the way I am using it now.

I'm just curious about what I can/should be doing with the OLED and Rotary mods that can enhance my experience a bit.
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