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MIDI, CD audio support, and and all of the SDL code is disabled at compile time. Enabling/disabling those has no effect. The only MIDI_DRV messages you see are from the NULL MIDI driver, which does nothing, so that can't be the problem. If the game crashes, then it's more likely that something after that causes the problem. For example lowlevel.library sometimes acts up, I got a few crashes when the ports weren't properly detected. In that case it's a good idea to start with -nojoy. Unfortunately I can't do much with "it crashes" reports so the above is just guesswork based on my personal experience. If you could install SmartCrash, that would be helpful:

There's a minimum stack value hardcoded into the executable, so it will always start with at least 1MB unless a larger value is set in the icon/shell. That was enough for me for both the software and GL version, but it's possible that on different configurations it needs more.

A WarpOS port can probably be done, but only if somebody can hook me up with all the necessary files to run it in WinUAE.
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