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Tested yesterday, good JOB!
I am able to run 060 RTG version, it was about 3.6 FPS on 060/50 MHz.

But I am not able to get working Mega or MiniGL version (tested on Permedia2 only). When I launch Mesa or GL it opens the screen in Mesa or GL, during the loading it stops right after Midi with error message popup "Waiting for disk actity SuspedxReboot. When I choose Suspend the Screen of Hexen remains. It is obviously working, because the screen graphics and fonts are smooth and in 16 bit colors, but I am stuck when loading game somehow

I will test today on my another Amiga with 060 and Voodoo4.

Would it be possible to make WarpOS port too? I bet this one would be more usable for classic Amigas ;o) Please pleeeeaaaseeee ;oD
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