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Looking for vertical shooter

Hi there guys!

Lately, I was trying to reming the name of a game I played in my A1000 when I was a child. I have little amount of facts, as the disk that game was in, got defective, and the game gone (although the disk is still somewhere around).

Perhaps someone could find familiar, that the game was in a multi-game disk, called "Game Pack #30" (or perhaps #32, but I think it was #30). This was a hackery multygame disk, in which you choose which game you wanted to play. This could be a clue to European users, as this disk might have come from germany of around (most of my multigame disks came from there).

It was vertical scrolling, and I can remember one enemy "ship" being a big metallic-like cross, with something round in the center (I think it fired bullets from there).

The theme was futuristic, and it remainded me alittle to xenon 1, but it was not.

I can tell it is not xenon, battle squadron, or other well known ones. It seems the game occupied less than a disk (as other games came with it), but I can't tell much more...

I think I can recognise it with a screenshot.

I'm sorry being so vague, but I can't remember anymore xD. thanks anyway!!
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