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Originally Posted by celco View Post
It's not on the EAB server anymore?
Yup, it's seems he's somehow managed to delete the upload folder i.e. ~uploads/cd32 on the EAB File Server.

He's also closed his external website which had links to stuff.


You can't read his posts related to this as he's decided to delete numerous posts in various threads

...anyway, I can still see them so:


Originally Posted by AmigaJay
It’s vamoosed, gone the way of the dodo! Now that i’m not releasing any new CD32 discs i thought the time was right.
Originally Posted by AmigaJay
Tbh i’m losing interest in gaming in general, something i thought i would never say, sold my PS4 Pro last month and Xbox before it, its the first time since i was about 12 i don’t own a current console or computer, lost count how many games i bought last year which ended up still sealed and being sold on.

I was kinda hoping my son would be more interested in some old games, but bar Indy Heat and Golden Axe on MAME thats about as far as his interest goes, so holding onto these old Amiga games hoping to rekindle the ‘good ole days’ multiplayer fun with my mates isn’t sadly going to happen.

Of course i might release something or update a disc from time to time, but the thought of spending another 5-6 hours on a Sat or Sun just updating discs is no longer fun or rewarding.
Originally Posted by Foul
@Amigajay : hi ! i juste saw there is missing 1 Disc on "CD32 Unofficial Discs" :

Amiga CD32 Anthology Set #3 / CD32 Anthology Set 3 Disc 2

Disc 1,3,4 are ok
Originally Posted by Amigajay
Hi, not missing at all, a 2nd disc was originally planned when disc 1 was full, but wont happen now sorry, you could always replace disc 2 with the Lemmings or Cinemaware discs.

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