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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
@ prowler,

could you try Emplant Disk Converter v2.0 and let me know which configuration did you use?
I cannot run it on A600, from HD.
I cannot run it on A1200, from HD.
I get the Suspend/Reboot message (if I then click on Suspend I get back control, the machine will not hang).

How in h*ll could you run it on your A1200?
Originally Posted by prowler View Post
A1200 Rev 1-D-4, 3.1 ROM (400068), 4GB IDE HDD, Workbench 3.1, ScalOS 1.0d, 68030/40MHz CPU, 68882 FPU, 2MB Chip RAM, 24MB Fast RAM.
From HD.
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