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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
If you upload your disk image(s) to the Zone for me, I'll have a go at converting them on my Macintosh for you when I'm back online later this evening
If it's easy for you, OK, but I was asking it because I saw (months ago) that at many images are in the 400KB format, and I couldn't (but I didn't try. Perhaps the Emplant Disk Converter can handle them by virtually double-stepping) use them to try other System disks with my A-Max.

I cannot ask you to convert all the images I find on the Net...
An easy procedure would be better for me to know. But I would like not to use something like a file-by-file copy... I would like to retain the exact directory structure if possible. Or is it non important at all? (I'm thinking about games, which could have some type of fat-related protection)
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