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Originally Posted by LooZee View Post
But that is not what "open source" is about. It's not about getting things for free that someone else put a lot of work into. It's about helping each other. It's about progress and enhancement by each other's knowledge. That concept doesn't work anymore, if it ever did. Not in the open source software, nor the hardware scene.

Many attempts on porting Ambermoon, Amberstar and Albion have come and gone, I've seen them all. Some of them started by forking parts of my Amberworld project. Great ambitions have come and gone in almost 20 years. Not one of those developers ever contacted me to ask for cooperation. They all failed to reinvent the wheel and have disappeared within a few months period, leaving abandoned ambitions, but not a single line of code.

That is the lesson that Amberworld taught me about "open source". Never do that again. Well, I did, but that is a story for another time.
That, and I say this having done been involved with the open source PioneerSpaceSim for 9+ years now, is a bizarre conclusion to draw.

People often reimplement things because they:
  • Don't know about other projects
  • Don't like how they were done
  • Want to do it themselves to learn
  • For the fun of it

It can be difficult the manage the contributors who come along, some of them have... erm, difficult personalities at times but if people know about it, and you can get along wiht them and build your community then it works great.

We've had our project forked and commercialised but that's not a bad thing. We got a lot back from their process of doing that, even if we did have to demand at times to get them to open the code according to the license.

Open source is the only way forward for small communities especially, all of the newer TF stuff like the 1230 and 1260 being closed source means that they're dead ends now.
Open projects would just need other contributors, it's a huge loss to us all.
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