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Floppy disk

If somebody actually wants to develop an Amiga-specific RTS game, I could probably do some coding in ECX with a little inline Assembly. I won't come up with the game assets beyond that though. I'd target an expanded CD32 because a save game won't fit into the internal flash memory and a hard drive equipped AGA system with Fast RAM should be easy to target beyond that.

I'm thinking of opaquely blitted background tiles in a planar display and chunky to planar for individual units blitted on top. The algorithm I have in mind for the C2P is just using the OS routines for Akiko support with the mask dynamically generated from the zero pixels being transparent. If I generate the mask using something like:
  MOVE.L (A0)+,D0
  MOVEQ.L #4,D1
  ROL.L #8,D0
  TST.B D0
  SNE D0
  SUBQ.L #1,D1
  BNE.B L1
  MOVE.L D0,(A1)+
on each 4 pixels and then call WriteChunkyPixels to an off-screen chip RAM buffer, I'll have a tall mask to do interleaved transparent blits to put the image onto the screen. It may or may not be worth it but it might be fun to try.

For audio, the CD will be fine for background music. The sound effects need not use resampling so some primitive mixing may work on an '020 with Fast RAM if more than 4 sounds are needed.
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