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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Nope. But 68060 + gfx board, yes. Starcraft needs Pentium to run at full speed.
Anyway, this thread is about Warcraft, not Starcraft
Yeah, but they are kind of similar.
I'll go slightly off topic once more.
What about Diablo? Possible for A500 or 1200, 030, 060? I am talking with slowdowns, not running full speed all the time.

As for Warcraft 1.
I might overestimate amiga's, but I think if Dune 2 run on A500 (with heavy slowdown, but run) it may be possible also for Warcraft 1... well... maybe with 2MB ram.
Settlers are another example of a fairly complex game that runs on A500 with only 1MB.
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