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Originally Posted by Mrz View Post
fort apocalypse
ghost busters
river raid
bruce lee
frantic freeddie
hunch back

all of them very old before 1985 are fantastic games with fantastic sound or music

Thanx for your list. Of the games above I agree to Gyruss feeling "fresh" and 1942 was a good conversion with a nice tune.. The rest kind of have that Intellivision look to them IMO. ;-) (Not to say they are bad games)
+ for sampled speech in Ghost Busters though..

So basically, Id say there is a farily distinct difference between early c64 game looks and later games.. It feels like that "break" came somewhere arount 1986-ish give or take a year.
If someone would have shown you The Last Ninja while you were playing Fort Apocalypse (although a fun game) youd have a hard time believing that both run on the same system.

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