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Originally Posted by pgovotsos View Post
I've got to just break down and check each adf with Disksalv before I upload. Haven't been doing it because it's such a pain in the emulator
depends on the emulator setup. with workbench bootfloppy and
disk-swapping it is terrible, I agree.
you may just drag & drop disksalv4 on you workbench copy
(delete somthing in Prefs folder if there is not enough space)
and put the new adf disks in df1:

in the emulators you may also increase floppy disk speed.
winuae: F12 config gui -> Floppy drives -> 8x (slider)
fs-uae: launcher -> Additional config tab -> floppy speed -> 800% (popup)

turbo/warp values may break compatibility. so 8x / 800% is ok.

maybe this does help a bit
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