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Next batch. Not much this time. Mostly directory organization - see below.

Power FX Addendum 5.0 book by Alan Chang
eclips by Aloha Fonts disks and manual
AutoPaint by A+ Development manual
GVP ImageFX manual
Nova Design ImageFX 2.1 Manual Addendum
Nova Design ImageFX 2.1a Manual Addendum
Visionaire manual

I forgot to mention before that the documentation that is portrait (can read without rotating) has been setup so that they can be searched. Unfortunately the OCR doesn't work on landscape scans.

I rearranged the directories so that they made more sense. Instead of having the software and documentation for a program in the 2 directories, both are in the software directory for the program. I also went a bit anal on the directories. Now there's a separate directory for each company and all of the software and documentation for their products are in that one directory. Even if I haven't uploaded the software yet, the documentation is already in the company directory in the software directory. That leaves the Documentation directory to only have the documentation for hardware and the books.

The same was done for the Multimedia Resources directory. That folder has things like fonts, backgrounds, clips and also magazine CDs.

Hopefully this will make it easier to find things.
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