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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Actually you are fueling the fire here a bit. Just in case you haven't noticed This thread was almost settled (except for s2325 'findings' and Paul_s usual rants ) before you came and tried to defend the ST. This thread was about showing an ST user that claimed the Amiga was crap (that was on the comments of the YouTube vid) that is not that way round Honestly this is an Amiga board and although we nearly all use other machines aswell (btw Sensi gave a very good hint in his post...) there is a reason why we are here. You don't want to see any ST bashing? Don't come to an Amiga board
Ok, I will stop posting here since its going nowhere and return to my work on Guardians of the PaST. I hope people have no objection if I return now and then to post some intersting finding we may dig up. BTW, this is a great board with some very intersting threads and information! All the best to everyone here!
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