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to update on this.
I bought an Type A to Type A USB cable for only a few £ and followed the Youtube video "USB method 2".
Its a little fast paced but everything was there and easy enough to follow. Turns out I didn't need to generate the dfu file, but I did it anyway.
I used a cut up paperclip to make the connections as my Gotek didn't have header pins with it, mine was like the one the video and it looked like he'd used paper clips on his, though mine did have an extra hole which I just ignored.
The first time I flashed it when I tested it it didn't seem to work on my Amiga, I got a dull flash from the green LED on the Gotek, but nothing on the segment display. It took a second try to get it to work and was happy to see F-F on the display. Result!.
Question though. I plugged my USB drive in with a collection of ADF files and the HxC selector program, I was surprised that worked as I thought I'd need a Flash floppy selector? I'm little confused on this can someone explain?
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