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TBL - Perfect Circle

While browsing The Assembly 2003 mpegs, '2003-08-09-1205_amiga.mpg' featured this TBL demo from a different party in 2001.

I decided to download the exe rather than watch a poor quality mpeg.

There's some very nice effects in this, and one in particular I'm curious about. It features some 3D trees - and I cannot believe this is realtime rendering. I am running it via the emulator, so am probably getting far better framerates than the 68060/20MB requirements, but still - reasonably fast NVidia cards still have trouble rendering 3D trees!

For those who have a suitable Amiga spec, or a well configured WinUAE on a fast PC, Perfect Circle can be downloaded from here (about 6MB, FTP host).

If anyone has a real 68060 with enough RAM, I'd be interested in an estimated framerate during this tree part. The emulator is pulling 30-40fps easily.
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