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I couldn't agree more. I don't normally run Microsoft on any of my machines, but after recieving a copy of DamienD's snes dvd, I setup a Windows box in the lounge and installed the latest Winuae and the progress since I last properly used it (0.8.??) is astounding.

While praising Toni for his efforts, I also think that Richard Drummond should also be praised for the work he has done with euae. I use euae more than winuae simply because my desktop machine runs linux and my laptop runs netbsd, and they are the machines I spend most of my time using.

Like DamienD, if I had not discovered uae, I would never have bothered with the Amiga again. So realy I think we should sing praise to everyone who has ever worked on uae in any of it's forms. It is without a doubt one of the greatest pieces of software ever written, and WinUAE is easily the best incarnation of it.
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