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Originally posted by fiath
No disrespect intended to Amiga Inc. (who may or may not be doing a good job - I don't follow recent developments) but it is really only an Amiga in name (to me at least, perhaps philosophy too, but as I said, I don't follow it).
Its not like you would be supporting the original people involved.
Amiga Inc. have very little to do with the A1, Eyetech Designed it, had it built, they have a licence from Amiga Inc. to use the name, Hyperion are writing OS4 and again have a licence too.

To me the 'Amiga' is the OS, not the 'chip set' that most peeps whinge on about as being amiga, we didn't have the same crap when it went from OCS to ECS or ECS to AGA, there were no complaints the it wasn't an amiga without the OCS chip set... It was all ooo's and ahhhh's about how much faster / better the new chips were... If you are even remotly honest you'll admit that any currently available pci/agp gfx card beats the shit out of AGA, same for sound cards.

Since 1996 I've hardly ever used the aga chipset on my A4k, as I put in a gfx card, IO card, sound card, LS120, SCSI etc. no one would doubt it's an amiga, WTF can't people see that about the A1. After all, who here who upgraded their old amiga's hasn't wished they could go and get a cheap bit of pc hardware instead of bloody expensive Zorro stuff or pay 150 quid for a few pci slots for their 1200?

All they seem to whinge about is that it won't play 10+ year old games (which it will with cloanto doing a uae version for OS4). Try playing 10 year old PC games on XP...
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