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I'm having a similar problem, I think. I was going to explain in detail, but I'd have to do it again, I'm kind of confusing two games.

I do know that certain copies do not work.
I do know that WinUAE does (or did) support Ishar 3 - I played it a few years ago with no problems.

Currently, I'm unable to get past the Start Game button, as it asks for Disc C (but no effect when the disc is there). This is either running from .adfs or from thr HD, I cant remember. The other option (adf or HD) simply hangs when I press Create Party or Start Game.

[Edit: Using the AGA version as well, in case there is another one]

Sorry for the vagueness, it was just for the sake of good old times, I didnt really want to play it that much. I may try again.
Hope you get a reply that actually helps.
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