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Originally Posted by Marlon_ View Post
Aw I was hoping to at least get a kit

Maybe let someone else make them?
I will definately sell kits once/if I get the new PCBs to work. I need to try different resistors and capacitors. For some reason it's not working reliably, it's connected to noise on the clock signal. Btw. the new version would make down on the dpad remappable also.

I don't have any PCBs of the old type any more and I haven't even made any gamepads to myself, so I want to figure out the problem with the new batch. I have scrapped PCBs worth a few hundred euros already so I don't want to make another order just yet.

If somebody is willing to buy kits from me and sell assembled gamepads, I'm all for that (once I have it all working).

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