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Alrighty, have now tested Galahad's 1 disk version in WinUAE

To be expected, everything worked perfectly. Man, I can't believe that there is almost no loading times between starting the game / loading each stage

I've said it before and I'll say it again; you're a friggin' legend Sir Galahad

One thing, I know that there's absolutely no chance of getting a trainer on this version due to disk space. Could I please make a suggestion if possible and only if it's not too much work (considering that you've already invested a lot of time to bring this to the Amiga communty)...

Do you think that instead of the v1.1 screen you could display the cheats from HOL and finally make that screen continue from a mouse click as opposed to the joystick fire button?

Start the game and type “GSXRZZRFZRCBR” in lower-case to activate the cheat mode. For those with AZERTY keyboards, type “GSXRWWRFWRCBR” instead. You will instantly gain 99 lives if it worked and it will activate the following keys:
‘B’ ____________________ Bonus (big snowman)
‘N’ _____________________________ Next stage

During the game you can also type “EXUP” to see end sequence.

Since the game was never released and there are no docs, the following keys can also be used during the game:
‘P’ __________________________________ Pause
‘Escape’ _________________________ Quit game
‘F9’ ___________ Toggle sound effects on/off
‘F10’ __________________ Toggle music on/off
Last thing left is for a real Amiga user to go through the game and report back (though I very much doubt there will be any issue)

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