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I am back; after a 2 days C64 Top 100 CSDB Demos Marathon

It was amazingly beautiful
and in the Demo, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED i had almost tears in my eyes and i am not ashamed to admit that ;the beauty,creativity,skill and especially the Sid Synphony in the Fairlight Logo part is so emotinal and beautiful that it really touched me

I dont want to get to sentimental here, but man, those guys

Sorry ....getting kinda back on topic here. The C64Mini (and the Software Packs)

I tried over 100 Demos now and with the _AD "switch", 99% did work and that is not that bad actually,even Demos that gave CCS64 a hard time.

Those "switches" act like Toolypes for example in WHDLOAD or other C64 Emulators - there is nothing bad about that and its really simple.

2) Pretty much all the critism that i had is gone. The Emulation is really good actually and with a propper joypad that allows the use of a D-Pad its really fun. (I recommend the Logitech F710)

3) The C64 Mini Firmware can easily be updated and the feature to play custom software is absolute great

THE BAD: (Things to improve imo)

1) The Device powers on every time the TV is switched on - kinda annoying
2) The SPACE button should be usable without using the Virtual Keyboard - HA, try to play Turrican 2 and you will see
3) There is still a little tiny bit of Lag left. (its really really small)
4) The included Joystick is a bad joke, really; and the main reason why people think there is more lag than there actually is. A abomination of a Joystick !
5) A Button Mapping Feature would be nice and some small things here and there. So there is room to make it really great.

MY "SCORE" is B+

With some improvments and future firmware updates i can be even better.

* those are just my opinions. Haters gonna hate, Coders gonna code, Lovers gonna love *

I wanted to thank Ransom1122 again for been always so nice & supportive.

"Hey there buddy"

And as a little thank you, i have made a Demo pack; downloadable in the zone for you Ransom1122 and all those people who loves Demos anyway

Special thanks to all those Coders out there who blow us away with there absolute stunning works.

I love you guys

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