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Originally Posted by Anachronist View Post
I wonder if one of the wireless solutions for Sega Genesis/Megadrive controllers would work with the CD32 controller?
The Megadrive controller is very different to the CD32 controller so I guess not.

On the subject of wireless, yesterday I finished a prototype of a wireless version of my KTRL CD32. I was able to reuse my pcbs with some mods + most of my previous code. Seems to work great with all the features of the wired version (with the bonus of the entire dpad being remappable). Reliable range seems to be at least 6 meters and the added input lag is about 600┬Ás (not much).

It would take some time to get proper pcbs etc. made for this version. I'm going to start a new thread and look for help, since I would not have time to assemble any of these myself, would need to find a better method of production to make this a viable project.
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