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Originally Posted by leof View Post
I don't have enough posts to create an FTP account. Could you upload a few samples to The Zone to test?
just use the links above, you can download there.
for ADRdesign - try those "4AMIGA" files, they are iff-8svx audio sample files.

#1) those sonix instruments do not work it seems, and with some sample (iff / 8svx)
i get no sound. the samples i tested are 1 octave only, those came with Deluxe Music are 3 octave sample.

there are some tools, which can produce those multi-octave samples, but I cannot remember which one.

#2) Audiomaster IV 3.1 can produce those 1, 3 or 5 octave iff files.

open a sample --> options --> Type of Waveform - choose here 3 or 5
and next save --> waveform.

but if makes no difference here, very strange. well, just test on your own.

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