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Yes, the 68k was created in time but not available in quantities. Intel was ahead there due to the already second/third/etc sourcing of the 8080, 8085, etc. CP/M was already the business OS winner so when IBM choose the 8088 it was easier to port over existing 8080 software. There are some cp/m compatibility functions in DOS to make that easier as well. CP/M got ported to the 68k but it was after the IBM PC's release as an effort to catch up.
Moto would have had to get cp/m up on the 68k from the start but even then it still might not have had any business applications as it would need to sell enough to make it worth porting from 8080 to 68k. The 68k had a big footprint, both in the cpu itssef but support and ram, it didn't fit well on the standard s100 bus systems at the time either. Mototola played a big part in the VME bus later which was successful but again too late.
Thats why I think the was really was one before the PC with CP/M, the PC was designed as the next incremental step from CP/M, not really as big leap in technology.
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