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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Motorola already knew what second-sourcing was, and there was no second source for the 8088 until IBM asked for it. Second sourcing was a subject when IBM evaluated the TI 9900, but the 68000 was never even a contender. IBM had made their choice a bit too early to consider the 68000, CP/M compatibility notwithstanding.
The 68000 was available in September 1979 and the IBM PC in August 1981. From what I have read, the IBM PC project was a fast track project completed in about 12 months (project start would have been about August 1980 so 68000 would have been out for about 5 months). IBM usually created/used their own OS and CPU but outsourced the CPU to Intel and the OS to MS to save time. Outsourcing the OS and CPU as well as the choice to be way more open with the hardware and software were polar opposites from normal IBM product development and marketing (which proved fateful). Perhaps you mean the 68000 was not even considered for other reasons than availability?
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