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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
Back in 94/95 "Vobis", the best selling PC vendor in Germany bach than, bundled it's PCs with OS/2, because Win95 was late and OS/2 was clearly better than Win3.11.
They wanted to continue to offer a choice to the costumers after Win95 came out, what OS they prefer.

So the MS-Impire stoke back: no one talked anymore to Vobis, they refused to certify the hardware as Windows compatible, they canceled the OEM version.
Vobis was not "allowed" to get a OEM license for the same line of hardware, as long as they offer OS/2 for this line.
A different second line of hardware would have been too expensive of course and not offering Windows at all would have been suicide.

So they stopped bundling OS/2 after a few month.
A lawsuit would have lasted years, so the only thing Vobis could do was releasing angry press releases...
Eventually the lawsuit did happen, but it was the us .gov against MS. by then it was too late and the results, while technically legal, were not much different. OEM's using windows exclusively got a nice discount so that those not pushing windows 100% were priced out of the market.
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