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Originally Posted by EugeneNine View Post
These reasons I are why the war was already won even before the IBM PC. If you want to go back in time and change things you need to go earlier than the 68k. Start by keeping the 6800 engineers from leaving moto and starting MOStek.
That's why in my thread I pointed what was not right with the Amiga from day one. When the Lorraine was developed mainly back in 1983, they were changing the world, by setting new standards, but the world didn't want to accept the new standards, especially the enterprise world, where adopting new standards is very slow, but yet not impossible, i.e the Amiga didn't choose the 8088/8086 processors, because they were weak at the time, even if compatible with older processors. The 68000 was magnitudes better for anything, but it was not backward compatible with previous generations of CPUs (not that were that many, but the CP/M standard was already there, hence the 68K CP/M).
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