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Back in 94/95 "Vobis", the best selling PC vendor in Germany bach than, bundled it's PCs with OS/2, because Win95 was late and OS/2 was clearly better than Win3.11.
They wanted to continue to offer a choice to the costumers after Win95 came out, what OS they prefer.

So the MS-Impire stoke back: no one talked anymore to Vobis, they refused to certify the hardware as Windows compatible, they canceled the OEM version.
Vobis was not "allowed" to get a OEM license for the same line of hardware, as long as they offer OS/2 for this line.
A different second line of hardware would have been too expensive of course and not offering Windows at all would have been suicide.

So they stopped bundling OS/2 after a few month.
A lawsuit would have lasted years, so the only thing Vobis could do was releasing angry press releases...
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