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Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
For example: in PAL-World, load up a disk with one of those 50/60Hz bootblock toggles, switch to 60Hz, then swap the disk for Super Hang On. The game now fills the screen and is ST speed. With scanlines, but that was arcade-authentic back then...
Well, those "scanlines" are present in PAL mode as well, except they are much closer together so they are a lot less noticable. In NTSC-land all CRT TVs look like that, even for broadcasts.

Not all PAL monitors supported the 60Hz stretching mode however. It varied model by model. I know that some C= 1084s would do it but not others. Some would centre the picture and divide the extra black bars between the top and the bottom.

Conversely, the original C= A1080 NTSC monitor could be stretched to display almost the full 50Hz picture (around 320x240ish) so it could still be used for PAL gaming. Virtually none of the CRT NTSC TV sets, however, would display a 50Hz picture. They would just display a rolling screen, and this is still valid for a lot of modern LCDs as well (black screen when fed with 50Hz signal).
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