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Hello all!

FS-Uae looks like an intresting emulator, have only just found about it really! Before then I was still using e-uae. However I did come across one problem.

Not sure if this is a bug at all or if it just some weirdness ony my system .... admittadely I did use fs-gui in conjunction with fs-uae (I used the development fs-uae 1.3.2). For some reason copying via the workbench dosen't seem to work quite right if using a folder as a hard disk. Here's the procedure that I tried (there were no problems with using a hard file instead of a folder). Done on linux 64-bit slackware 13.37 using fs-uae/fs-gui and kickstart/workbench 1.3;

1. Created on my pc in linux (as *non* root) a directory called "test1" (which is completely empty). Have fs-uae and fs-gui already installed and working.
2. Chose from fs-gui/hard disk "Enable hard disk" and then "Use folder instead of file". Chose test1 as the folder to use.
3. Chose start from fs-gui and then started the emulator.
4. Let WB1.3 boot up then dragged the "empty" drawer from Workbench 1.3 to the emulated hard drive to copy it across (using a folder instead of a file), shows up by default as "noname" on my system.
5. Opened the WB1.3 utilities drawer and copied across "clock" in the same fashion.
6. Closed the WB1.3 windows (leaving only the emulated hard drive "noname').
7. Both clock and the empty drawer work ok (complete with their icons).
8. Hit 12 and chose reset/soft reset.
9. Rebooted from WB1.3 disk.
10. Opened "noname" however clock and empty drawer are missing!
11. Opened amiga shell and typed "info" to find the emulated hard drive's real name (in this case dh0).
12. Typed dir dh0: from the shell, the clock and empty files are all there including their .info files.
13. Coped those files to the ram disk ( copy dh0: all ram: ) . Opened ram disk, both the empty drawer and clock show up, work ok, etc.
14. Checked in linux the "test1" directory I created earlier, the files are there ok.

Really strange as the same behaviour dosen't seem to exist if using a hard drive file as opposed to a folder (directory). If I copy across by dragging the icons still show up after a reboot.

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