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"subjective quality" is a great term for that, since i suppose you can't describe it in scientific terms?

actually, in terms of quality sinc is ideal. the ringing can be minimized as in my implementation in bubsy's protracker clone. try this: close your eyes and listen to the audio, can you hear ringing, or can you hear exactly what comes out of a paula? have you attempted to record the output of your paula using your pc's soundcard, and did you notice any ringing then?

now we've completed our postulate and can move forward to the experimental stage:

record the output of a module playing in protracker on your amiga, select a specific section of audio, you only need about 50ms at most and ideally it would be made up of low frequency playback - samples played at the lowest notes.

look at it in your audio editor - note however that you need to view the samples with interpolation to see an approximation of the information actually represented by the samples and linear interpolation (straight lines) will not help you at all. most audio editors do not support interpolation when drawing between samples - one that does is cooledit96, i recommend you grab a copy of that for this experiment.

now, record the output of bubsy's protracker clone playing the same section of audio in the same module. compare it by listening at first, then look at the waveform to locate any ringing. (i assume you have something like a sb-live/audigy/etc which supports directly sampling pcm data without resampling)

try listening to the output of the pc connected into your commodore monitor while playing back the module in bubsy's tracker, and also with your amiga connected in the same way.

assuming the scientific method is a valid concept at all, and my descriptions for the experiment haven't left anything out your conclusion should be as follows:

- the output from bubsy's tracker looks better and sounds better than the paula sampled/resampled by your audio card. (#1)
- bubsy's tracker sounds closer to the amiga's output than your pc's sample of the amiga itself. (#2)

if not, we definitely need to discuss what went wrong.

(#1 under the assumption you dislike the ringing imposed upon the sampled version of the paula's output and our goal is to eliminate that)
(#2 except in the condition your soundcard has a better minimum phase resampling algorithm or we disregard the need to meet the condition assumed in #1.. which is possible, yet unlikely. most audio cards use filters with lots of ringing and linear phase)

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